A fighter must be part of a registered team to participate in team melees at the event, but an individual fighter can 1) be ADDED to a registered melee team by a Team Captain as a replacement if one of the team’s 8 people cannot fight, and 2) fight in the MASS BATTLES at the end of the event if the fighter is registered here (please provide the number of a cell phone you will have at the event). Travel stipends are only given to teams (not to individuals), so individual fighters only receive the benefit of a stipend if they are ADDED to a registered team that qualifies for the stipend.

PAYEE section to be filled out by USA TEAMS ONLY (Required to recieve an ACW  check)  Foreign teams will receive a wire transfer for travel stipend expenses.   Please continue to next section: TEAM INFO)

As the PAYEE for the travel stipend check given to a USA armored combat team participating in the Lords Mobile and ACW Historical Medieval Tournament, I acknowledge:
* I have read and understand the terms for qualifying for the stipend.
* I understand travel stipend checks will be delivered to qualifying USA teams at the end of the Lords Mobile and ACW Historical Medieval Tournament event.
* I am responsibility for dispersing the travel stipend funds based on guidelines defined by my team.
I further acknowledge that Armored Combat Worldwide takes no responsibility for distribution or use of the travel stipend after the travel stipend check is delivered to the PAYEE.


Identify your Team Captain

****** ALL TEAM CAPTAINS *****
As the TEAM CAPTAIN for an armored combat team participating in the Lords Mobile and ACW Historical Medieval Tournament
, I acknowledge I am responsible for:
* Ensuring all members of my team have read and understand the guidelines for combat and participation in the tournament.
* Ensuring all members of my team have read and understand the guidelines for qualifying for a travel stipend awarded at the end of the tournament.
* Ensuring all team members are registered for the event and sign a waiver when they check in at the event.
* Checking in my team when we arrive at the event.
* (ONLY TEAMS FROM OUTSIDE THE USA) Providing wire transfer PAYEE information for disbursal of the team’s travel stipend when I check in the team on the first day of the event. I further acknowledging that Armored Combat Worldwide takes no responsibility for distribution or use of travel stipend funds after funds are sent by wire transfer and received by the designated WIRE TRANSFER bank account.

Team Captain: Identify your eight team members below:  men and/or women fighters

VOLUNTEER ANNOUNCEMENT: Volunteers must be available to work for all days of the tournament. If you are unavailable for the entirety of the event please do not register as support. All volunteers must select their preferred support role, however you may be assigned elsewhere as needed.

The event is not successful without the help of our volunteers! Thank you!

  • Available at the rails during singles & melees. Carrying quick fix armor failure items (provided by team/armorer). Focused on the fight and their specific assigned fighter/team, on the lookout and listening for failures. Quick, alert, attentive. The goal is to have any armor failures remedied within 60 seconds. May be assigned to other teams, tourney dependent.

  • In charge of water tracking & distribution. Ensuring there’s ample water in needed areas at all times through their staff of water bearers. Gauging usage and calling for more through proper channels before it’s dire. Managing staff to maintain cleanliness throughout the event space for the duration of the tourney. In charge of final cleanup post tourney. If fighter nutrition is available, they will also manage the table, making snacks accessible and easily handled while in armor

  • Ready with water for teams leaving the field post fight. Checking in with refs & other support personnel with water. Keep people alive. Surveying the fighter pit and list areas for bottles. Cleaning up bottles during, throughout and at the end of the event. Checking in with Water Manager for needs.

  • Must have a loud voice and be able to project across the clang of armor, refs and crowd. Imperative to be on top of the time, at the rail and ready to go. Going over or calling under time can change the outcome of a fight. It’s important

  • Self explanatory. Bring stuff, have stuff, make stuff, fix broken stuff

  • Preferably a local with knowledge of the area and access to a vehicle. Runs out for any items needed and not provided for the event. I.e. supplemental water, snacks, pick up extra gear, anything else outside of the arena

  • List set up as required, breakdown, site clean, breaker boxes, lights, heaters, audio/mics, chairs, tables, backups. Available early for set up and post event for break down

  • Handles cash flow and sales of merch available. Be able to keep track of separate merch sets and their sales.

  • Any role, don't care, put me where I am needed.

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